Cave Rock Elopement

June 25, 2019

When Lauren and Erick came to be and told me all the details about what they wanted for their elopement I could tell that these two people are my kind of people! All about adventure, epic photographs, and people who truly understand what a wedding is all about! Having just moved here a week before their big date (pause I KNOW) they didn’t know much about the area; but chatting with them and hearing that they love to be outdoors, rock climb, travel, I knew of the perfect spot. CAVE ROCK BABY!!!

Cave Rock is one of my favorite spots at Tahoe; it’s a short hike that overlooks the lake and at sunset it is beyond yummy light. As we walked up the trail in our hiking boots, backpacks, and a cooler which Erick had a whole cake inside people were just starting to leave the epic location which made it perfect for an intimate ceremony. After a good 30 feet of rick climbing we set up camp at the top of the cliff and the magic of the ceremony took off from there. As Mindy started the ceremony a whole vibe just overcame us; with locals staying quiet and telling people what was going on we had no interruptions. The lake was quiet, the sun was breathtaking, and their ceremony was unique; a private vow exchange and an intimate crystal reading it was un-describable.

Location: Cave Rock, Lake Tahoe

Bride & Groom: Lauren and Erick

Photography: Hannah Martini Photography

Officiant: Mindy Haffke