Using my superpower to bring out your full potential

Photographers I have been where you have been! I know what it is like showing up to a session and being super nervous, so nervous in fact that you forget your clients names as soon as you introduce yourself!

My superpower is to unlock your full potential!

- Do you feel yourself caught in the comparison game of other local photographers? Feeling like you will never be able to charge as much as you know your worth?

- Do you ever feel uninspired because you have a shot in your head but you can't seem to capture it on camera?

- Candid photos; how in the heck do you get those?

- The editing game is hard... Have you found yourself spending $500 plus dollars on presets and still aren't happy with your photographs?

HEre's how i can help:

imagine walking into a photo session with a client & feeling straight confident that you are going to crush it!

That is what I am about to teach you! Most of us think, myself included that the best way to kill it during a wedding, branding session, senior sess is by taking bomb photographs.

While that is MEGA important; the success of a shoot actually occurs way before you pick up a camera! 

Topics we will cover:

Emails, client communication, and setting expectations

Website and Social Media Management

Finding your ideal client & marketing to them

Camera Settings, posing clients, and the wow factor

continued education

I am a firm believer that education is not a one and done thing! I offer special deals to my mentee's who want to continue on with their education after our mentorship! This month to month meet-up is applying the practices you learned in REAL TIME!

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